The Differences between Portable and Stationary Air Conditioners

The Differences between Portable and Stationary Air Conditioners


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People who live or work in hot, sizzling summers need to cool their homes and offices.

These appliances run on electricity. The cooling effect of the air prevents sweat and allows for comfortable living indoors, even in extreme heat. Both machines can cool off, even though their functions are different.


cooler only cools the air, as evident by its name. It makes it more humid. It uses the process of evaporating to produce cool and dry air. To make water vapor, you can run it through liquid water to lower its temperature.

An AC, also known as AC or air conditioner, produces both hot and cool air. It can adjust the humidity and condition of the air to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. Air conditioning is a process that alters the air’s properties, such as temperature or humidity, to make it more comfortable.

Air cooler vs. Air conditioner

Air conditioners and cooling units are common in offices, homes, and malls worldwide. They help maintain comfortable temperatures.

The fundamental way they work is what differentiates them. Air coolers take hot air from a room and add water to produce cooler air. Air conditioners, however, use refrigerants to cool the room and have a complex cooling system. Air conditioners do more than cool the air. They can also produce heat during cold weather and act like a dehumidifier.

How they are installed and used is another thing that sets air conditioners apart from air coolers. Air coolers can be carried and used indoors. However, air conditioners must be installed on the wall or window to function properly.

Chemical coolants are used in air conditioners to keep the air cool. Air coolers only use water to cool their air, while air conditioners use liquid coolants to cool the air. Air conditioners have a complex refrigeration system that uses more energy and is much more powerful than air coolers.

How to Choose a Portable Air Conditioner or a Cooler?

After you have chosen a device, you must decide which type of model you want. These are only a few of the most crucial things to keep in mind.

Cooling Power

You can choose to buy a portable air cooler or an air cooler. The power rating must be adjusted to the room you want to cool.

80 watts or 286 BTU per m2 is the minimum requirement for a portable conditioner. For air coolers, it’s usually enough to read the manufacturer’s specifications. It should specify the size of the room the cooling device is designed for.

Sound Level

Another important factor to consider is how loud the device emits. This number is expressed in decibels (dB). A sound level of approximately 50 dB is recommended for daytime usage. For nighttime use, the sound level should be lower than 40 DB. It is important to remember that split air conditioners and monoblock units are louder.

Air Treatment

Some air conditioners offer a humidifying option. Other air conditioners might provide a humidity mode. Some models come with additional filters for air conditioners, which are used to purify the air. Active charcoal filters work well at eliminating odors. Electrostatic filters combat bacteria and dust.

Portable air conditioners might also have a fan mode, which allows the device to operate as a fan but not cool down the air. Another option is the fan mode, where negative ions purify your air.

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The Differences between Portable and Stationary Air Conditioners

People who live or work in hot, sizzling summers...
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